What we are

Residency Studio is a DJ studio in Auckland. The purpose behind Residency is to give everyone the chance to practice on high end DJ equipment - without any pressure! We have the very latest Pioneer DJ equipment, including the DJM-V10 Mixer & CDJ-3000's.
Book online, then come in to get on decks.


Whether you're new to DJing or want to run through your set before an upcoming gig, Residency is the perfect place to practice on high end equipment.


Looking to broadcast your latest mix to your fans and reach new ones? We can set you up with a high quality stream, on the platform of your choice.


We can also provide high quality recordings of your set, both audio and video. Take as many attempts as you like to get it right, and get your new promo mix out there.

The Equipment

We are using the very latest Pioneer DJ equipment available. We have 2 CDJ-3000's currently, with 2 more due mid October!

Some of our previous sets

Check out some of these artist's sets recorded at Residency